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10 steps. Feathers, webs & water.


I am bothered to no end by people romanticizing things and turning them into something they are not. For example these cliche ( yes I know) feather/droplet pictures. All round perfect little spheres that enchant the hell out of people. If you do happen to want to try your hand at them, here’s there deal:

This is simple stuff, seriously.

1. Camera with a Macro lens/ extension tubes/ reversing your lens/ one of those magnifying filters. Or a combo of some of those things.

2. Lighting I’ve taken them with a flash, but most people prefer a natural light look I’ve noticed. If that can’t be done a lamp or any light source will do.

3. Tripod and macro rails are handy, but the few in these album were taken hand held. If you want to go all out, do some focus stacking too ( where the macro rails come in handy ) .

4. Go to craft store, buy a bag of feathers. Or if you’re interested in webs, look in the corners of your house or take a stroll outside. Outside would be a better bet because house cobwebs are usually brown and icky and who wants that for their ethereal mystical water droplet picture?

5. Get yourself a plant mister, or water bottle with an adjustable nozzle and make that crap as fine as you can. You see, the perfectly round water droplets come out of the woodwork if they are significantly small enough. This is a natural way for water to behave. There’s the big mystery.

6. Point and spray. Go easy at first you don’t want to drown your web, feather or spider who lives in said web. It’s alright — breathe and go steady. You want a delectable magical orb of water.. not a puddle ;)

7. Compose, focus and snap away.

8. Bathe in the adulation you receive from your magical picture taking prowess. Or not. To increase your bevy of praise, don’t forget to write something suitably profound, some deeply thought quote or at least a nice pithy platitude.

9.Smile and gloat inside about how original & awesome people think you are.

10. Make love to yourself because you are just so awesome, even you can’t keep your hands off your hot creative body.


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