Midnight Has Bled

Midnight has bled, on your kisses so red. These petals so light, are transformed by the night.

Love how we are different, love how we are the same

I shared this once before but I’ve changed the picture and left out my additional text. My previous post brought this to mind. These are words to live by, in my opinion. This is my truth. This is how I try to behave and how I wish to be treated. Excerpted from Please Understand Me […]

What mat? No Mat?

So, down the road from me I have this store that everyone in the vicinity frequents and being one of those people I have come to know the owner a litte bit. I asked him if it was alright to hang a picture in his store in the hopes ( dear God please someone buy […]

Not Quite Bright

Chroma key green bright to be precise. I can’t afford a green screen so my next choice is green poster board from walmart. I don’t have a way to walmart at the moment so I thought I’d improvise. I had this light bulb moment ( it was a dim epiphany but it still counts ) […]