A pretty morning glory, this morning

I’m thrilled even a couple of them bloomed considering the crappy garden weather.

I couldn’t locate my macro lens so I used my wide angle with an extension tube lol

  1. Rachael Alexandra09-10-2013

    You might be right about that +Mark Amos  :)

  2. Mark Amos09-08-2013

    A ghostly effect no macro lens could quite replicate, I'd bet.

  3. Jeffrey Whittaker09-08-2013

    Flowers are such a joy to see! They are safe and sweet, like women!

  4. Rachael Alexandra09-07-2013

    Thank you +Elizabeth Lund  she's a pretty little flower <3 I put my heart and soul into these plants lol

    +Levi Moore  Thank you Levi, gotta rock the back porch and front step ;)

  5. Levi Moore09-07-2013

    Now that is quite lovely.

  6. Elizabeth Lund09-07-2013

    Just beautiful +Rachael Alexandra :)

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