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Rare Aurora

Usually it’s cloudy/raining, daytime, clear but clouds to the north. There were clouds here but I think it didn’t hurt it too much. At this latitude I was shocked and amazed that you could see it ( more faintly) with your naked eye. I didn’t ever think I’d SEE it, but I could. It was awesome. Here’s one of the many pictures I took of it, enjoy :)

Ew. I have no idea why it looks incredibly crappy, but it does.

  1. Kai Schmidt06-12-2013

    Spectacular colours – beauty : )

  2. Steve Passlow06-03-2013

    Whoa! How brilliant is that? That would be so exciting, especially if you hadn't seen it before and it was unexpected. I was doing a little dance the other night just because I saw the moon rising unexpectedly as I was out walking. I bet you were doing cartwheels :)

    There is def something fishy with the way the photo is rendering here – but awesome all the same. Well done.

  3. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Many thanks Chris :)

    +cris- stof  Sure is ^^

  4. cris- stof06-03-2013

    oooooooh!! is this real!!? o.O

  5. Chris Mallory06-03-2013


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