A walk in the woods..

A walk in the woods..
  1. Ian Meredith09-08-2013

    A 7D…the Canon that can actually Autofocus! 5D Mkii AF is deeply muppety. Nothing wrong with it said Canon… Erm… Which must be why they totally replaced it for the mk iii! The iii is supposed to nail AF amazingly but I still hear stories of the resultant images being a bit 'soft'. Scary at that price. I met a guy complaining about this at Canon service UK… And he'd just bought two! Canon then said they could calibrate his lenses to one body…but not both ???

  2. Rachael Alexandra09-05-2013

    Wow I'm not sure what to say besides Thank you to you +BJ Bolender , +Alex Lapidus , & +Ian Meredith .

    Frankly, I thought it was kind of a crap picture lol Not so much crap but… idk boring? Though I am grateful for the appreciation :) 

    Oh and +Ian Meredith  I use a Canon 7d, wish I had some full frame gorgeousness :)

  3. Ian Meredith09-04-2013

    You have such an 'eye'! What do you shoot with?

    Just been playing in a shop with an Olympus OM-D and reckon it ideal for such observational shots…I am in love with it! (But then 'Olympus' has always been my place of Gods and Muses)

    My Canon 5D Mk 2 is an absurdly bulky disappointment in comparison, despite the full frame gorgeousness -relevant on one shot in ten.

  4. Alex Lapidus09-04-2013

    Fantastic!  Wonderful lines and shadows, and I love how you've cut it low — makes me want to stoop under the branches.

  5. BJ Bolender09-04-2013

    Ooh. Great color and mood.

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno