Silent Struggle

….and only because I know a few kindred spirits will see this and know how hard it is for me to keep going. How much effort I put forth, how I have to force myself to share it. To have infinite faith in yourself tested time after time, to fall short in the comparison for no reason at all is maddening. The few who hold me in their thoughts make it all bearable, thank you.
  1. Rachael Alexandra09-09-2014

    ♡ gotta work but will reply properly later

  2. Kellianne Hutchinson09-09-2014

    I so understand. Big hugs to you. You are awesome in my books Hun!

  3. mario ditroia09-09-2014

    Peaceful photograph. Peace be with you!

  4. Alex Lapidus09-09-2014

    It's a lovely image.  I can't say I completely understand, but I'm always willing to listen.

  5. James Haney09-09-2014

    When I see images such as these, +Rachael Alexandra , I have NO doubt regarding your talents. There is nothing I have seen of your work that has convinced me to think otherwise.

  6. Nicolette Weil09-09-2014

    <3 the water looks like a mirror! were you out on the kayak? :) it looks so peaceful…

  7. Sandra Parlow09-09-2014


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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno