Bell pepper, gourd and an endive of some sort? I got the "salad crunchies"…


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Bell pepper, gourd and an endive of some sort? I got the “salad crunchies” a couple of weeks ago and the name escapes me ,many apologies. All I remember is that the card said you could put it in salad.

That brings the Edward Weston Veggie Challengeto completion. I even threw a 5th one on because I was meh on the picture but the gourd itself is pretty neat.

I ended up setting my camera to take Raw+Jpeg and using the Monochrome styles since I can’t edit raw at the moment. All Done * pats self on back *

  1. Ian Meredith01-09-2015

    +Tamara Pruessner I know that feeling!  Sold all my darkroom, just before falling in love all over again  with the Olympus OM-1 and have been collecting the OM kit ever since. Must get new darkroom kit!

  2. Tamara Pruessner01-09-2015

    It almost makes me want to go back to film days. Actually… I love film still.  I need to just set up a darkroom and start doing that again.  

    You did a fine job of it though!

  3. Rachael Alexandra01-08-2015

    Thank you +Tamara Pruessner :D It was hard to replicate a process in digital that worked so well with analog. I tired just stopping it down and letting the shutter run but that was a hideous noisy experiment lol  

  4. Tamara Pruessner01-07-2015

    Ohhhh I love those.  The lighting is perfection!!

  5. Ian Meredith12-06-2014

    Like the apple shaped one (the pepper?) very much. (Not a cook)

  6. Levi Moore12-06-2014

    Spot. On.

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