It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s me with my beloved woolly bears on my face :D Wilbur, Wilma and Me having a grand time :)

Yep, that’s really a caterpillar on my nose and another on my hand ^^ Boy, did it sure feel funny lol And to my amazement I got two of the pictures in focus, the last two aren’t but hey– wrangling woolly bears, trying to coax them onto my face, and taking a picture is no small task :P Especially with both of them roaming around tickling/itching my face lol, but I wanted to include them anyway because it’s just fun, regardless of focus. I was delighted that in one of the two that came out technically better I was able to show off my woolly bear eye shadow too ! I’m silly, I know ;)

In album Myself by Myself (4 photos)

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  1. Love 'em :) And the eye shadow is awesome. You could totally rock that style even if you didn't have caterpillars crawlin' all over your face :)

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