Not my best by any means

Sometimes other people enjoy the pictures I view harshly, so I’m posting it anyway :) I love this little ornament. It’s whimsical and enchanting to me. I got it last summer at a yard sale with the explicit intention to photograph it ( and because it’s really pretty lol ). This is what I got, […]


CH3 | N / N—C         C==O | |      | |        | | |      | |        | CH        C       N–CH3 /        /            -Stuart Yeates- N       […]

So here is an album of wonder

I’ve got some mini ice storm pics, Christmas decor & lights, and a bunch of personal pictures from Christmas, food and stuff like that. Some are artsy and some aren’t, some are just snapshots gasp . If you want to see my pictures though, you can click through the album. I might get around to […]