You’re so vane, yet your barbs and hooks are forever lovely to me


( Not technical feather anatomy. I cherry picked a little. The extension of shaft is actually called the Rachis, you can just call me Rachis Alexandra lol )

Fractal made on Kindle Fire…

Since my time of the computer is limited, this is a fractal I made on a Kindle Fire with the app Fractoid by David Byrne. I have quite a few of these saved up but I don’t want to spam :)

I was reading the Amazon reviews and people seem to be confused on how to use the program. If you have a Kindle Fire and want to use this app the biggest thing to remember is use the “menu” button on the kindle ( on the right side, between the magnifying glass and the back arrow ). That’s where you can play around with the different algorithms & equations as well as reset, save, share or use as wallpaper, change the colors and set max iterations.


Sometimes you just feel screwed ;)


A bit of Halloween Spirit


As the sun is setting,
A chill is in the air.
The goblins and ghouls are coming,
It would be wise to prepare.

Face paint and gauze,
Blood,guts and gore,

Witches and fairies,
Which do you have in store?

Frightening scenes await you,
Too hair raising to believe.
So gather your costumes,
It’s All Hallows’ Eve!

Your pathway is lit,
The Jack-o-Lanterns plenty.

Some funny ,some scary,
Some sad and some sweet,

So get yourselves ready,
It’s time to trick or treat !!

#creativewriting #soulexposed #macro

Happy Halloween!


Fractured Songs and Clipped Wings

Infinite sadness overwhelms.
A flight of sorrow, a longing ache in
The pit of your heart.
Mind numbing grief and shock
The feeling dimension of being misplaced
Everything is so very wrong.
Lost, you’re just so lost without them .
Your old life only to be remembered
Wistfully, through tears and sobs.
Like piercing and breaking of bones in your body
The grief assaults you and beats you with its relentless attack,
Yet the silence screams at you in its fractured song.

Last month I lost a soul so close to my heart it has taken me this long to express it in writing publically. She was my Jasmi, my Jazzy Bones, my Squishy Pants ( and that’s only a few selected nicknames ). She was a dog , a bear, a seal, among many other animals. She endured years of medical treatment joyfully. She fought hard and long and did so with a wag of her wonderful little tail. Every part of Jasmine was and is precious to me. From the tip of her little snout down to the couple white hairs on the tip of her tail. Many people won’t understand the depth of my grief for a pet and I could write for pages on trying to make them/you understand but I won’t. It matters not why, it just matters that it is and that I feel the way I feel. My family centered around her. Our day was structured to suit her. Everything we did had Jasmine in mind.

As Cesar Millan so eloquently wrote of his Daddy ” ‘Daddy was my Tibet, my Himalaya, my Gouda, my Buddha, my source of calmness,’

Jazzy was the same for me. She could whisk my worries away with a gentle snuggle or a sweet look. Just snuggling my face in her fur was a perfect moment. If you know me at all, you know I’m a bit neurotic, so you can imagine how often I relied on her gentle, peaceful love to get me through the day.

This picture is for her. The necklace I wear in this picture holds a bit of her ashes so that I may keep her close to my heart always. I told her as she passed that I would love her endlessly. I do and I will.

Luxurious Sunset 

I don’t usually do panoramic pictures but I put this one together for the hell of it. I used Microsoft ICE and crossed my fingers lol. I could have edited it further and maybe I will at some point but for now, here she be :)

All paths end in the same circumstance

Resistance is futile.
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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno