Impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories.

Here’s another impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories. I played around with this one a bit. I didn’t weed beforehand so editing it this way brought out the flowers a little more. I thought it was so neat how they bloomed in a row like that :)

I take a lot of pictures just to savor what I see. After waiting all summer to see my blooms blooming it was surely a must to photograph them :)

A pretty morning glory, this morning

I’m thrilled even a couple of them bloomed considering the crappy garden weather.

I couldn’t locate my macro lens so I used my wide angle with an extension tube lol

Little mobile fractal.


** Not so bad, my pretty lacey looking happy fractal :)

I tried to capture the wind.

The night I tried to capture the wind.

A walk in the woods..

A walk in the woods..

One nice lightning bolt before fall came.

Happy I got at least one nice lightning bolt before fall came :)

Delight of the tulip variety.


My metal print finally came in!

It’s fabulous and very shiny ! lol This picture doesn’t do it justice at all, it’s one of those ” You have to see it in person” type things. I’m not hanging onto it long enough to photograph my photograph properly so this will have to do lol

I got this one through Zen > Ivoke. Took a while to get here but I fear I’ll have to price it too high for it to ever be bought lol It IS quite novel though :) Fancy shmancy and it looks glorious ! With the shitty day I’m having it was a nice surprise ^^

The digital file :)

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