Cordially challenged by Miss +sandraparlow herself :) 

  #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge Running through the sand, to and fro. To witness a spectacle of nature. Tired and aching, yet singular minded in my intention that this is going to be something great. Hoping that mother nature will bless me with her magic, hoping that I get it right, that I can do her some justice […]

It sleeps !

  Day 7 ( I think ) : Sleeping Yup, some cute little Iris ♥

Frozen Bloom

  Day 6 Flower. (You gotta zoom in the get the full effect.) Not any ole flower though. A sunflower birdbath that’s been light painted :) I liked the cooler version I made a bit too but it takes away from the lustrous quality a tiny bit. Gotta run, I’m late just like the white […]

Day 5 Flame

  Pretty straightforward. I tried Magic Flame or something on it so it would be multicolored.. Evidently one ball of paper and one packet of the Magic stuff doesn’t really work so, it’s pretty basic -.-

Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe

  Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe I get terribly behind on all the things. This is who I don’t do 360 projects or hunts or anything like that because it really does stress me out. I end up staying up past my bedtime getting it as right as I can, then I […]

Sucess ! First try at a cinemagraph

Doing day 3 of the challenge ( Fall ) and this took me all night lol Hey the jaggie things in the thumbnail work for me now. Pretty neat :D Ahh now I can sleep ^^ Autumn Burns… – My Eye Delight My first try at a cinemagraph! Took me a few hours but it […]