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In this study of the glorious fruit known as the apple, I was confounded at the joyful; quility of the light that bounced from it's smooth supple surface  Haha No. I took some pictures of an apple :)

I found a windows codec for my raw files. I'm sure it's been there for a long time but for whatever reason I'm just finding it now,lol. ( here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26829 )

Going through a few old pictures and I came upon these apple pictures. There was only about four of them but I took a couple and tweaked them.  Or, if you want to get fancy I used the years of finely honed skill and instinct to draw out the curvaceous lustre of this humble yet magnificent fruit. Haha no, I tweaked them lol :)

Well, hello beautiful ! Yes, I'm talking to you, you sassy little Milky Way …


Well, hello beautiful ! Yes, I'm talking to you, you sassy little Milky Way ;)

Milky Way #1


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Running through the sand, to and fro


To witness a spectacle of nature. Tired and aching, yet singular minded in my intention that this is going to be something great. Hoping that mother nature will bless me with her magic, hoping that I get it right, that I can do her some justice and take accomplishment in that. This is the right place and the right time, this image will be great.

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Poetry For Arturo The Worlds Saddest Polar Bear #freearturo


I cannot breathe, and my body trembles. Confused, in disarray, laying my old bones on the concrete, they ache so keenly.

I am a confined spectacle, slowly dying on a stage the whole world can see.

I am an old bear, a sad bear, a bear so far removed from my original homeland
I never even knew where it was. A lonely bear, every scent reminds me of the one I lost.

I am an animal, a polar bear alone, I possess no reason and I know not why I suffer.

I know nothing of your bottom line, of admissions and politics.

I know nothing of the people who ache for me and shed tears over my plight,
how helpless they feel.

I know nothing of your refusal to even consider it. Maybe consider that the risk is worth the pain in your pocketbook.

For me to pass on in comfort, humanly. Even if I were to expire on the way to a better place, any place is better than this. The restful peace of death would be a glorious release.

If you won’t and you condemn me to live like this, take the dollars the people are willing to give and build me an enclosure, an ice palace for me to live out the rest of my lonely days.

You say I am comfortable with my handlers but even a beaten dog can love it’s owner. It knows no other way. I know no other way.

Because I am a bear and I know nothing of this. I know not why I suffer in this myriad of ways.

But you do.

Pink Breath


Sweet Hellos

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno