"You can be covered and be very sexy



It’s not what you show; it’s what you have in mind, the way you cross your legs, the way you talk to people.”
Carine Roitfeld

For day 3 of my B&WSPC ( my new abbreviation for Black and white self portrait challenge ) It is COLD in front of my computer and my little fingers are numb after 10 minutes and I’m tryin’ but it’s not getting any warmer. CURSE single paned windows, smh.

The shoes aren’t to hide ugly feet, my feet aren’t gorgeous but they are alright lol I just have not the time to paint my toenails >.< They are all chipped and BAH . I have another in my house slippers but I chose this one by eeny meeny miny moe :D Neither of them are my best but it’s something :) As a bonus, they are not covered in bruises, which they usually are because I’m clumsy and bruise easily. They are dry winter legs though, forgive me lol

  1. Lucy CoCo01-09-2015

    awesome!  your quote inspires me.
    "You can be covered and be very sexy. It's not what you show; it's what you have in mind, the way you cross your legs, the way you talk to people."
    Carine Roitfeld

  2. Rachael Alexandra01-09-2015

    Thanks +Kay Hynes  They look great with a pair of jeggings :p Or whatever they are called, jean type pants that are stretchy. :p

    +Mark Rodriguez I'll have to break out the patent leather knee highs sometime if I can ever find them lol

    +Ian Meredith Tell me about it haha! I do rock a set of pigtails ( not that it's my go to hairstyle lol ) but the corsets are time consuming especially if the laces get messed up. I can't braid my own hair, though I wish I could.

  3. Ian Meredith01-08-2015

    Between corsets and these boots some fashions must take so long to get dressed there is just time for breakfast before its time to undress again. Add plattes or a pigtail and a girl could starve to death ! :-)

  4. Mark Rodriguez01-08-2015

    damn, dem boots, this is excellent :)

  5. Kay Hynes01-08-2015

    I absolutely agree <3 You are rockin' them boots!

  6. Rachael Alexandra01-08-2015

    haha +James Haney I'd like to think so anyway !

  7. James Haney01-08-2015

    And It is what you've got, +Rachael Alexandra !

  8. Darcy Lefsrud01-08-2015

    +Rachael Alexandra Yup, well said.

  9. Rachael Alexandra01-08-2015

    Thank you +Darcy Lefsrud . I searched for one that would fit how I felt. I've known some women that by a lilt of their head they can make someone melt. You can be covered in mud from the neck down but if you've got it, you've got it in clothes or no :)

  10. Darcy Lefsrud01-08-2015

    A great contrast. The quote is 100% correct too.

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