I got a couple other prints along with this one..

I got a couple other prints along with this one ( one for my dad and one to put in an empty frame. The metal one is going to take a while to get here ) THIS is my shining glory though. 16 x 20 inches of my favorite princess, our sweet darling doggie Jasmine. […]

Wee Fishy

I had a tree limb fall on my trunk/deck lid. The auto body shop had this gorgeous huge aquarium facing a window. Not the easiest thing to take a picture of but I had to give it a shot ;)  

Not really my forte

I prefer my subjects stationary lol. I have a bird feeder though and I love my birdies, watching them lends me a simple joy. Did what I could with my macro lens, I have a couple more kind of funny shots of him that are poorly focused, but this is probably technically the best of the few. This post […]

Little bee on a thistle

An eensy weensy little bee on a thistle– pretty and cute too :) He was happy as a clam too !

Wilma Molting

I have another update on my furry little caterpillars, Wilbur & Wilma the Woolly Bears :) I went to check on them and to my surprise, I caught Wilma molting! These little guys can molt several times before they are adult sized. As they molt the brown band gets larger each time. Folklore has it that you can predict […]

Beloved Woolly Bears

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s me with my beloved woolly bears on my face :D Wilbur, Wilma and Me having a grand time :) Yep, that’s really a caterpillar on my nose and another on my hand ^^ Boy, did it sure feel funny lol And to my amazement I got two of the pictures […]