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Rearing a pair of Woolly Bear caterpillars.


I have taken to rearing a couple Woolly Bear caterpillars ( ) and Wilbur The Woolly Bear ( or Wilma, they are sort of hard to tell apart hehe ) and I would love to say hello to all of our new friends ! I did endeavor to get a portrait of both but once these little critters start a’ scurryin’ they are off like a shot. If you want to see their cute little caterpillar crawl there are some extremely adorable videos on youtube, I might even get around to making one myself :)

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Henry the Caterpillar


This is Henry the Caterpillar and he’s ready for his close up ! I posted earlier how happy I was that I get a couple pics before he “pupated” ( correct term +Chris Mallory hmm?) .I have been saying cocooned lol Anyway, here he is in all his fluffy late instar ( that’s what they call the stages I think ) glory. At first I thought he was a Scape Moth caterpillar but I have since changed my mind. I think he’s a Fall Webworm , we’ll see if I’m right in time. He’s nice and tucked away in a leaf fold for the time being though, taking a very long nap :)

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Red Admiral


My first butterfly picture ! It’s a Red Admiral butterfly and there was like 6 of them fluttering around enjoying the dandelions ! I got a bunch of this little guy (?) since he was being the most cooperative. I had to be within a foot or so of him to get this and most of the other ones weren’t having any of that “big creature creeping toward them” business at all, but not this one. Just went about his feeding paying me little mind. Moving creatures aren’t my specialty, so I am very happy and proud to capture this :)

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