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Little mobile fractal.


** Not so bad, my pretty lacey looking happy fractal :)

First J-Wildfire fractal


Fractals made with Incendia

20121019 0601161

Mobile Fractal Madness


This is another one if my mobile fractal creations. I love being able to create in the go, makes waiting rooms a whole lot better!

Apophysis 080205 103view7upsidedownspiral 1

An Artistic Endeavor


Generating fractals can be an artistic endeavor, a mathematical pursuit, or just a soothing diversion. However, FA is clearly distinguished from other digital activities by what it is, and by what it is not.” –

Photo 3

Mobile Fractal


I do a lot of these on my Ipod.I have several fractal apps but this one was made with fractalPhoto. This is one of the simpler ones, you can add extra photo layers that rotate ( a little hard to explain) to make a more complex effect.

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