Blind Smile

  Day 4 is it of my B&WSPC ? I think I edited the wrong one but that’s ok, I’ll live I’m sure. My vision for this didn’t quite work out perfectly. Has to be close enough though because I don’t have the time to reshoot and all that. Feel like the rabbit in Alice […]

Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe

  Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe I get terribly behind on all the things. This is who I don’t do 360 projects or hunts or anything like that because it really does stress me out. I end up staying up past my bedtime getting it as right as I can, then I […]

I am the echo…

I am the echo of a whisper of the wish that you set out once you breathed them onto your lips. ( and I’m also sucker for a bit of rainbow color ;) call me corny, if you must lol )