Your words linger a little too long

I am dreaming up all sorts of wild things. Feeling the burning deep inside. It’s hard to please me, but I’m willing to let you try. This could be trouble, flying high and free. I am wanting for you so desperately. Show me how it is and take me there. I’m asking you now, to […]

A bit of Halloween Spirit

As the sun is setting, A chill is in the air. The goblins and ghouls are coming, It would be wise to prepare. Face paint and gauze, Blood,guts and gore, Witches and fairies, Which do you have in store? Frightening scenes await you, Too hair raising to believe. So gather your costumes, It’s All Hallows’ […]

Outpost 28

This chick (the one writing this here blog post ;) ) is surfing on one happy wave at the moment. I have been given the opportunity to participate in an upcoming magazine called Outpost 28 as the resident poet :) From the site: ” OUTPOST 28  is a quarterly pulp magazine that features tales of […]

Just One Sunbeam

Sweet fragility, not to be plucked from the earth and not to be trampled under foot. Pristine and pure, shrouded in the shadow of the forest. As just one sunbeam makes it’s way through the canopy of leaves, your thirst is quenched.

My heart is a flower formed in sadness

From the day of my birth, through the turbulent days of adolescence, to the trials of being a young adult — to the life of an adult woman — I have grown and been mowed down countless times. Only to spring back to life. Downed countless times, though never to be discounted, because my will is fierce and […]

Sweet Tears

Little orbs of emotion cling gently to your face. One is for sadness, one is for joy, three are for love, because love comes in more than one form. Another is for grief and one more for loneliness.These are the things I feel, these forms are expressions of who I am. Things from within turned inside […]

Kiss Me

Though chaste and with haste your lips press onto mine. Your lips on my lips …the singular thought is enough to make my heart shudder within my chest, a sudden gallop fueled by unsung desire and secret infatuation. The singular action turns that gallop into a frantic sprint for a quick moment, as my body tingles with […]

Elegant Darkness

I sway, you swoon. Dripping with your elegant darkness; it’s like a cloak wrapped around you. So naive little flower, how you are under the illusion that it can protect you. You are so very mistaken, for the stem will be cut and you will bleed your juices. You will descend into the inky cold, preserved and extended for a time. […]