When you flap around all silly for the photographer friend…

I was doing a jig test :p where you flap around all silly for the photographer friend ( the best ) you're with. My second wedding. Verdict? I don't take very flattering people pictures but I'm not really surprised lol My picture taking of people game is not strong lol

It sleeps !

  Day 7 ( I think ) : Sleeping Yup, some cute little Iris ♥

Autumn Burns…

  My first try at a cinemagraph! Took me a few hours but it aint too shabby for a first time :D


For day 2 of the 2014 30 day photo challenge. It's not quite as pretty as I like things, but I tried  anyway by putting my shimmery drapes in there lol It's getting late so this will have to do, it shows movement and that's what counts right !?

Water Transforms

Doing a 30 day challenge on the facebook and the first subject is water, so here is my — water. I'm notorious for starting/not finishing if I'm not being compensated because I'm super busy and all. So if after day 2 it evaporates ( har har ) that must be the way of things. I'll […]