Composite of 3 images

The moon, ferry and reflection are all separate images I combined.
  1. Ian Meredith06-27-2014

    NIce… the composite moon is a bit iffy…I like the image without it

  2. Rachael Alexandra05-22-2014

    It's a little bizarre Alex, I agree. At least I put the moon exactly where it was in the original picture :p

  3. Alex Lapidus05-22-2014

    Yeah, it's a bit weird seeing a huge sharp moon like that with a sharp foreground.  But the moon is just cool, no matter how it got there :-)

  4. Rachael Alexandra05-22-2014

    The moon really does look itsy bitsy in the single frame. It's actually a little disturbing to me,how big it is in the picture.

  5. Rachael Alexandra05-22-2014

    Thank you  +James Haney & +Karin Nelson 

    Bah, I chose this because its easy and I'm lazy lol Took more time to edit the damn thing than to take it. Getting the ferry properly focused was harder, so much so in fact it didn't happen LOL I'll take the fuzzy over the noise. Its not like it actually matters though , so personal preference wins out.

  6. Karin Nelson05-22-2014

    Lovely!!! I want to do moon photography too!! Too difficult.

  7. James Haney05-22-2014

    Excellent work, +Rachael Alexandra !

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