First J-Wildfire fractal

  1. Lennart Östman06-12-2013

    Looking forward to see more of these : )

  2. Craig Bak06-12-2013

    Yea cool HDR! Play with the triangles in the image editing window, but be careful some transforms are more touchy than others!

     Also try changing the weights of the variations on the 'Transformations' tab.

    I am playing with photos in the variations right now.

  3. Rachael Alexandra06-12-2013

    *thanks +Nicolette Whealy  &  +Craig Bak  :) I'm a little familiar with the transforms and variations from working with APO but beyond that. I'm a little overwhelmed. They export as HDR files? Who knew o.o lol

  4. Craig Bak06-12-2013

    Great first effort! Keep going and keep wondering "what will this do" so you get happy accidents!

  5. Nicolette Whealy06-12-2013

    Pretty! Reminds me of smoke curls :-)

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