When you flap around all silly for the photographer friend…


I was doing a jig test :p where you flap around all silly for the photographer friend ( the best ) you're with. My second wedding. Verdict? I don't take very flattering people pictures but I'm not really surprised lol My picture taking of people game is not strong lol
  1. James Haney08-05-2015

    Infectious Joy! Shake it 'til…

  2. Lennart Östman08-04-2015

    Duck tape on the eye lids!

  3. Pam Adger08-04-2015

    I think that's just practice and camera settings. Also…the subjects have to cooperate. NO BLINKING ; )

  4. Rachael Alexandra08-04-2015

    I was having fun at ^^. I didn't do badly with the detail pictures ( dress, glasses, rose petals), but I swear everyone either was blinking, had their mouth open or face pushed in lol. I might have a few decent ones of people dancing but my friend who was the main photo gal has some really gorgeous portraits. I actually have no idea how she did it, heck this one even came out decently.

  5. Pam Adger08-04-2015

    Not bad actually. 

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