This is Henry the Caterpillar and he’s ready for his close up ! I posted earlier how happy I was that I get a couple pics before he “pupated” ( correct term +Chris Mallory hmm?) .I have been saying cocooned lol Anyway, here he is in all his fluffy late instar ( that’s what they call the stages I think ) glory. At first I thought he was a Scape Moth caterpillar but I have since changed my mind. I think he’s a Fall Webworm , we’ll see if I’m right in time. He’s nice and tucked away in a leaf fold for the time being though, taking a very long nap :)

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  1. Thanks +Alex Lapidus !

    Thank you +Sofie Løve Forsberg  :)

    Thanks +Chris Mallory  , Once I got some pictures of him I really started rethinking the sccape moth ID, he's was just too fluffy for that lol Yeah right in the nick of time too lol

    Thank you +Chris Ridgway  !

    +Jean-Yves Casalis  Me too lol !

    +Stacey Ridgway  I thought he was incredibly cute too , my daughter felt the same way, so happy to spread Henry's cute ^^

    +Kerri Farley  If ever there was a handsome caterpillar it'd be Henry :P

  2. G'morning Rachael! Awww, it's even more fluffy than I'd imagined :) Such a cute little guy. How fortunate that you were able to get some photos before it pupated too! For what it's worth, I think you totally nailed the ID too, so good job :)

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