I am the echo…

I am the echo of a whisper of the wish that you set out once you breathed them onto your lips.

( and I’m also sucker for a bit of rainbow color ;) call me corny, if you must lol )

  1. Shahnawaz Ali03-05-2014

    Hiyya people

  2. Alex Lapidus03-05-2014

    Piling on: wow!

  3. Rachael Alexandra03-05-2014

    Thank you very much for taking a peek +Janet Smylie!

  4. Rachael Alexandra03-05-2014

    +J. Rae Chip Ty, when I went to type in your name my phone suggested "Rawwwwwwr" quite appropriate XD

    Thank you +Jeremy Zano!

    +James Haney scintillating huh? I'm digging that. Thank you much, you're always so nice and supportive toward me, it's utterly appreciated :)

    +Shawn McClure I do what I can ;) haha Thank you so much :)

    +Chris Mallory I agree, I pwned it Lmao ;)

  5. Janet Smylie03-05-2014

    Looking so wonderful

  6. Chris Mallory03-05-2014

    wow is right! Amazing concept and wonderfully executed.

  7. Shawn McClure03-05-2014

    Yowza! Very cool image… Nicely done…

  8. James Haney03-04-2014

    Scintellating Selfie! Excellent work, +Rachael Alexandra !
    Cherishing the echo…

  9. Shahnawaz Ali03-04-2014

    U ther beauty of google an fun too

  10. Shahnawaz Ali03-04-2014

    U ther rachael

  11. Shahnawaz Ali03-04-2014

    Hiya lovy u ok

  12. Jeremy Zano03-04-2014


  13. J. Rae Chip03-04-2014


  14. Rachael Alexandra03-04-2014

    +Sandra Parlow  This was my favorite one , thank you ^^

    +Mark Rodriguez  Thank you too :) If it were crisp and sharp it'd be better but I took these for the selfy sunday I missed and I was going for interesting opposed to technical perfection.

  15. Mark Rodriguez03-04-2014

    loving this

  16. Sandra Parlow03-04-2014


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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno