I got a couple other prints along with this one..

I got a couple other prints along with this one ( one for my dad and one to put in an empty frame. The metal one is going to take a while to get here )

THIS is my shining glory though. 16 x 20 inches of my favorite princess, our sweet darling doggie Jasmine. I wept as I unpacked it and saw her beautiful sweet snowy face looking back at me. She will be hung proudly along with my CJ who has since passed. There is just something about a furry snout I just can’t resist :)

Zen packaged them well and they turned out very nice :) I am very pleased :D

  1. Rachael Alexandra08-24-2013

    Thanks James, I'm a very sentimental lady :)

  2. James Haney08-23-2013

    Excellent, sentimental imagery, +Rachael Alexandra !

  3. Matt Ross08-23-2013

    Gorgeous and moving photo. Great job.

  4. Karin Nelson08-22-2013


  5. Jim Nooney08-22-2013

    Beautiful shot.

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