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Rearing a pair of Woolly Bear caterpillars.


I have taken to rearing a couple Woolly Bear caterpillars ( ) and Wilbur The Woolly Bear ( or Wilma, they are sort of hard to tell apart hehe ) and I would love to say hello to all of our new friends ! I did endeavor to get a portrait of both but once these little critters start a’ scurryin’ they are off like a shot. If you want to see their cute little caterpillar crawl there are some extremely adorable videos on youtube, I might even get around to making one myself :)

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  1. John De Bord08-28-2012

    This is crazy cool, that is some focus!

  2. Chris Ridgway08-25-2012

    We should hijack all the posts we can and see if we can get #DualChris trending.

  3. Chris Mallory08-25-2012

    ^ Best hashtag ever? Yes.

  4. Celeste Odono08-25-2012

    I have never thought of them wooly things as cute before either. This one looks so fluffy and cuddly. Hehe. Beautiful close up, Rachael.

  5. Rachael Alexandra08-23-2012

    +dual Chris ,darn it doesn't link up lol

  6. Rachael Alexandra08-23-2012

    +Chris Ridgway I would love my own woolly bear farm <3 I can dream ;p

  7. Rachael Alexandra08-23-2012

    +Chris Mallory. Wilbur was so flattered that you noticed his hair do :D I'm glad you like the picture too. Henry was easier to photograph though, because he had a lighter complexion. These darn woolly bears are just too cute not to try :). Oh dear, I've become a "caterpillar lady" haven't I lol

  8. Chris Ridgway08-23-2012

    I'd love to have a grizzly bear.

  9. Chris Mallory08-23-2012

    +Chris Ridgway Better wooly bears than grizzly bears, right?

  10. Chris Ridgway08-22-2012

    Before you know it you are going to be over run by Wooly Bears.

  11. Chris Mallory08-22-2012

    Wilber sure is rockin' an impressive 'fro, isn't he? Love it!

  12. Gene Bowker08-22-2012

    just don't play rough =)

  13. Rachael Alexandra08-22-2012

    +Jason Jakober thank you !

    +Gene Bowker hehe I can barley contain myself as far as wanting to play with and cuddle them, I'm an odd ball lol I love all thing fluffy and fuzzy, what else can I say :p besides thanks again :)

  14. Gene Bowker08-22-2012

    Thanks +Rachael Alexandra 

    I've never thought of them as cute before =) Nice shot

  15. Jason Jakober08-22-2012


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