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  1. Wendy Baker06-25-2012

    I feel the same way about posting.  Love this image.  I guess I'm the only macro shooter left with the extension tubes.  Must be time to give them a try…

  2. Laura Ockel06-17-2012

    Love the colors! A party for the eyes. Thanx for sharing!

  3. Eric Leslie06-16-2012

    There's just so much awesome running around here!

  4. Rachael Alexandra06-16-2012

    Thanks +Billy Wilson  !!

    +Eric Leslie  That's awesome that you think it's awesome !

    +Douglas Knisely  Thank you.I Glad I could provide an exception :)

  5. Douglas Knisely06-16-2012

    Very appealing abstract.  I was just commenting on another image that foreground bokeh almost never works, but here is the case to prove the counter example.  Lovely.

  6. Eric Leslie06-14-2012

    That 100% pure awesome!

  7. Billy Wilson06-13-2012

    Beautiful bokeh +Rachael Alexandra !

  8. Wendy Chase06-13-2012

    I have no clue what these tubes are but a fun picture none the less.

  9. elizabeth hahn06-13-2012

    hahaha – I got the tubes a while ago too – Wasn't quite sure how they'd work so I just played.  I wound up with something sorta similar, but not nearly as colorful and pretty.  

  10. Rachael Alexandra06-13-2012

    +elizabeth hahn  Thanks ! Bokeliciousness heheh You got it ! lol I had my 100mm macro stuck on the end of 'em.I might try the same type of thing later with just my macro to compare the two.I'm not quite used to the tubes quite yet o.o 

    Thank you +Don Spenner ! I'm happy it's got a good feeling to it ^^

    +Connie Bunke I'm glad you like it,lue is an awfully pretty color isn't it ! 

    +Chris Mallory   I'm glad I have your vote of confidence  ::D I get picky with the technical now and then lol

  11. elizabeth hahn06-13-2012

    :D  steal away!

  12. Chris Mallory06-13-2012

    I knew people would like it :) I second what elizabeth said, and am totally stealing the word "bokehliciousness."

  13. Connie Bunke06-12-2012

    +Rachael Alexandra I like it alot.  Anything blue will grab my attention.  I want to go and get some sparkling water too drink.

  14. Don Spenner06-12-2012

    Lovely sparkling light….refreshing.

  15. elizabeth hahn06-12-2012

    I like the diffraction and the bokehliciousness. :)

    Did you use extension tubes to get the super narrow focus?

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