Impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories.

Here’s another impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories. I played around with this one a bit. I didn’t weed beforehand so editing it this way brought out the flowers a little more. I thought it was so neat how they bloomed in a row like that :)

I take a lot of pictures just to savor what I see. After waiting all summer to see my blooms blooming it was surely a must to photograph them :)

  1. Rachael Alexandra09-10-2013

    +Nathanial Kieler  I guess they call them Heavenly Blue's for a reason. Big too, I expected them to be smaller like a couple others I have.

    +J. Rae Chip  lmao , that would be kind of an odd thing to point out lol

  2. J. Rae Chip09-09-2013

    I read this several times wondering why the heck you would announce that you didn't smoke weed beforehand. Then I learned how to read and realized that the word "smoke" is not present. lol

  3. Nathanial Kieler09-09-2013

    That one in the front really pops!  Blue is my favorite color.

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