Milky Way


This cover image is several exposures ( maybe around 32?) With around 10 dark frames,taken overhead in my front yard(the one with the evil street light lol).Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and edited in Ps.

The first two photos in this album are the difference between tracking and stacking piggy backed on +Mike Rector ‘s telescope (Omni XLT)and the second,my camera alone on a tripod.

The second image was taken with these specs:
Canon EOS 7D
Exposure: 25 sec (1/0)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 17 mm
ISO Speed: 400

In album At Night (4 photos)




  1. Rachael Alexandra07-03-2012

    Thanks +Ryan MacLean  That's such a nice thing to say ! Though I only took the pictures,the heavens did the rest :)

    +Fraser Cain  Thank you , I' glad you like it !!

    Thank you +Bj Bolender and thanks for pointing me in Russ' direction and vice versa !

    +russ vallelunga  I will totally use that tag and thank you for your interest :)

    +Chris Bagley  Thank you ! I have a fair bit of light pollution going on but Luckily I am able to get around that with multiple exposures.Tiy know until last summer I never really SAW the Milky Way , but laying in a park looking up with your eyes adjusted,even with some darn light pollution's really amazing,from our perspective it's like it's hugging the earth.

    +Chris Mallory  XD There will be more if the weather cooperates lol

    +Chris Ridgway  Thank you ! 

    +Wes Lum  Thank you Wes,I'm happy you like these!

  2. Rachael Alexandra07-03-2012

    * inserts placeholder while doing dishes* missed the comments on this one too , lol what is it about the space images >.<

  3. Wes Lum06-27-2012

    Wow!  Awesome shots Rachael.

  4. Chris Mallory06-23-2012

    Woah! I knew I was right when I said before that I'd like to see more of these. Too good.

  5. Chris Ridgway06-22-2012

    Very nice images.

  6. Chris Bagley06-22-2012

    Well done +Rachael Alexandra! I love clear night skies more than anything else :)

  7. russ vallelunga06-22-2012

    Indeed I would.  Comments made to individual pictures.  I'd like to invite you to tag +AstroTogs so that we may share your posts if you'd like, and if you're interested in sharing your knowledge or learning something you don't know (or just hanging out with other people who want to see your work and share their own), there's also +Astrophotography 101 group .  Thank you +Bj Bolender for the heads-up!

  8. Bj Bolender06-22-2012

    Triple Plus!  Very terrific to hear you are working on such a project.  My friend +russ vallelunga will be most interested in your work.  He too is exploring the universe with the giantest telescope he somehow attaches his camera to.

  9. Fraser Cain06-22-2012


  10. Ryan MacLean06-22-2012

    Woah this is pretty inspirational!

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