Kind of leaves you speechless.


Witness the terrifying birth of a supercell thunderstorm
It took photographer Mike Olbinski four years to capture the formation of a colossal, spiraling supercell on video – but good grief, was it worth the wait. This footage is the very definition of spellbinding.

  1. Rachael Alexandra08-19-2013

    No fair, we have had serious rain here but nary a thunderstorm. I want some thunderstorms damnit lol ! I love the scent in the air right before the rain comes in. When the winds pick up and you can feel the air changing, it's one of my most favorite feelings. I usually run outside if I know a thunderstorm is on it's way. At least for a moment to experience and appreciate it.^^

  2. Jake Kern08-19-2013

    I just so happen to be witnessing the birth of a thunderstorm right now. Not a supercell, but it's intense. :)

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