Little mobile fractal.


** Not so bad, my pretty lacey looking happy fractal :)

  1. Michelle Thompson09-07-2013

    I hadn't even considered that there might be fractal apps for mobiles.  Now I'm gonna have to go looking!  :-D

  2. Rachael Alexandra09-07-2013

    +Michelle Thompson  Thank you :) I don't dabble as much as I'd like to especially on the PC, that's why I have fractal programs on my mobile devices ^^

    +Shawn McClure  Thanks, it does have a bad-assness too it doesn't it ? ;)

    +Cora Lee Meier  Thank you, my fractal loves the affection :D

  3. Cora Lee Meier09-06-2013

    Love, love, love!

  4. Shawn McClure09-06-2013

    This is killer cool. :)

  5. Michelle Thompson09-06-2013

    It looks like waves on the beach.  Beautiful.  I love fractals; haven't dabbled in any for a long while, though.

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