"Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence



Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence” ;)

Technically the next day SO here’s #2 of my 5 day B&W Self Portrait Challenge.

  1. Rachael Alexandra01-08-2015

    +Pam Boling  I do though, even if it's belated. If I can't shower everyone with the love they deserve at the very least I can show appreciation for what I receive :)

    +Douglas Knisely  It's even funnier when it's true LOL ! On a different note I'm glad it turned out working with exhaustion, limited lighting and a small space. 

    +Nicolette Weil  ::bats eyelashes:: lol Thank you <3

  2. Nicolette Weil01-08-2015

    So beautiful!!! awesome pic Rach ^^

  3. Douglas Knisely01-07-2015

    Ha!  That's a terrific image, and not just for the humor.  It is a really strong photograph as well (including what +Alex Lapidus said!).

  4. Pam Boling01-07-2015

    I'm glad you find the time! (You don't have to reply!)

  5. Rachael Alexandra01-07-2015

    Thank you very much +Geoffrey Dunn​!

    +Alex Lapidus​ I do what I can lol Thanks though, my poor hair… If you saw it in color you'd see * gasp * my natural brown coming through the roots. Trying to grow it out. Lol Thank you and +Pam Boling​ too. If only a couple people take the time to look and comment I'm glad you are some the rare few :)

    It's all I can do to find time to take any pictures let alone post and reply like this :/

  6. Pam Boling01-07-2015

    Excellent! Brilliant concept! You have amazing eyes +Rachael Alexandra!

  7. Alex Lapidus01-07-2015

    I love how your hair sort of echoes the fan — beautiful!

  8. Geoffrey Dunn01-07-2015

    I like this +Rachael Alexandra … nice work :-)

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