Might have shared already



Not quite sure. ” Just an Intermission ” like where I am presently :) Intermissionland!!
  1. Thomas Welborn09-03-2015

    Very VERY NICE!

  2. Dene S08-06-2015


  3. Hamid Azizi04-02-2015


  4. Rachael Alexandra04-02-2015

    +John Getchel​ I think I made this with Frank ( ipod) and then ran it through some editing app, thanks though :D I wish it were bigger but you have to pay for that lol

    +Piet van Weel​ me too :D

    +Obaydullah Jewel​ thank you ^^

  5. Obaydullah Jewel04-02-2015

    Nice effect

  6. Piet van Weel04-01-2015

    Love the Mandelbrot set. :)

  7. John Getchel04-01-2015

    This is so mesmerizing! How did you do it Rachael?  

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