Not Quite Bright

Chroma key green bright to be precise. I can’t afford a green screen so my next choice is green poster board from walmart. I don’t have a way to walmart at the moment so I thought I’d improvise.

I had this light bulb moment ( it was a dim epiphany but it still counts ) that I’ll just find the right color value for green make a huge image and put it on the TV ! I was doing a little “I’m so clever dance” because it even solves the problem of being evenly lit. Well, for photos –in a pinch it’ll do, maybe.

I’m looking to do this with video though and my happy dance turned into a slumpy slump when I realized I had forgotten about the dreaded screen flicker . So yeah – that’s not going to work. The funniest part is that when I tried to import it into a couple video programs all I got was ( guess what?) a green screen. Not the green I was looking for either lol

Yes, it is very bright!

  1. Jeffrey Whittaker08-19-2013

    Tune your consciousness to the infinite, the divine love that creates happiness and when you stray from the path remember, morning is only twelve hours away!

  2. Rachel Blum08-19-2013

    No problem – and I hope it works out!

  3. Rachael Alexandra08-19-2013

    +Rachel Blum  I don't have any white sheets but I do have white walls and one hell of a clamp lamp ( I tripped my circuit breaker with it once ) I don't have After effects but as I'm reading I'm seeing that Blender has a video editor so I'm looking into that . Thank you !

  4. Rachel Blum08-19-2013

    No, luma keying just goes off of brightness. Difference keying removes pixels that are in the same spot and have an almost identical color value. (It basically subtracts a background image, but only where the background is visible)

    Another thing you can try is hang a white bed sheet, if you have one. If you have bright lighting, that might be enough.

  5. Rachael Alexandra08-19-2013

    +Rachel Blum  Well, as to what I'm trying to do here's a pictorial a la mspaint lol  I read a short blurb about luminence  keying is that the same as difference keying ? I have VirtualDub and Avidemux

  6. Rachel Blum08-19-2013

    What exactly are you trying to do? There are a couple of ways to work this even without a green screen per se. A solidly colored wall in the background is fairly easy to remove. (

    If you have decent video software, try out difference keying. (Instead of color keying)

  7. Alex Lapidus08-19-2013

    Don't worry, it looks just as smoothly green…

  8. Rachael Alexandra08-19-2013

    YIKES +Alex Lapidus ! I totally forgot about that. Ermm.. at least it's not pixelated form being blown up – hopefully lol

  9. Alex Lapidus08-19-2013

    I got this large in the stream too :-)

  10. Adam Raisbeck08-19-2013

    +Rachael Alexandra can totally relate , respect

  11. Rachael Alexandra08-19-2013

    +Richard Martin  lol might not have needed it but appreciated it anyway ^^

    +Adam Raisbeck  Thanks, doing what I can with what I've got on hand :)

  12. Richard Martin08-19-2013

    +Hunter Richardson or Kermit…

  13. Hunter Richardson08-19-2013

    +Richard Martin  Yes; just ask +Bruce Banner.

  14. Adam Raisbeck08-19-2013

    theres no reason why it wouldnt work at all :) good thinking

  15. Richard Martin08-19-2013

    It's not easy being green…. Sorry, you probably didn't need that quote at the moment +Rachael Alexandra

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