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Not really my forte

I prefer my subjects stationary lol. I have a bird feeder though and I love my birdies, watching them lends me a simple joy. Did what I could with my macro lens, I have a couple more kind of funny shots of him that are poorly focused, but this is probably technically the best of the few.
  1. Kai Schmidt06-12-2013

    Wow, awesome capture – love the details : )

  2. Ronak Patel06-11-2013

    V for Valor, i like it!

  3. Rachael Alexandra06-11-2013

    +Ronak Patel  I shall call him Valor The Bluest Blue Jay :)

  4. Ronak Patel06-11-2013

    handsome fellow…  what's his name?

  5. Rachael Alexandra06-06-2013

    They are so beautiful and funny when they spot some peanuts hehe

  6. Rachael Alexandra06-06-2013

    +Darren Neupert that made me feel nice, thanks

  7. Darren Neupert06-03-2013

    Wow… for not your forte, this is really well done.  What a beautiful bird.

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