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  1. Thumbs up, +Rachael Alexandra, I always fiid it amazing what can be with one light and some big or small white foam core reflector cards for bouncing the fill light back on a subject. You should be proud of this image, it has "sizzle!"

  2. +hegde supriya  I'm making a series :) Happy Valentines day to you too ! Nope it's not a Valentines day series but every day is Valentines Day for me :)

    Thank you very much +Stephen Thackeray  :)

    +Don Spenner  Thanks Don, I have limited space and limited lighting so I try to do what I can with it ^^ Luckily this one didn't need to much done to it besides the b/w conversion. I did have this scratch on my face ( must have done it my sleep?) I had to heal, plus some wall/books that were in the frame. Mostly creative burning though and a little lightening under the eyes. Tired eyes plus genetic dark circles don't make for a pretty picture but I'm probably just being picky lol

    Makes Mars/8th eyes at +Katherine Mollon ;)

    Thank you +Monique Yates ^^

    +Gatto NineNineNine  mew :p

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