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Peaceful Passion

The longest wavelength of light, so crisp and so bright.
Like an apple to savor, yet not of that flavor.
To a heart like mine, it tastes like valentines :)

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  1. James Haney06-03-2013

    Enjoying Bliss.

  2. Steve Passlow06-03-2013

    Yes, maybe my atoms got a bit too excited at that wavelength. Sorry about that. You are almost pushing into the electromagnetic IR zone, though. It's out of my control then.

  3. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    I'm glad you think so +Fred Fernando  !

    Thanks +Chris Bagley  I do what I can with what I have :)

    +Nicolette Whealy  Thank you sweetie :) You know when you're putting all that red on, you don;t know if it's actually going to look right. I loved it though, having said that, not exactly a daytime look lol 
    *disclaimer — so not a natural redhead– that's my own custom mix of like 3 reds lol Speaking of which, I really need some touch up color lol

    Thank you +Mark Rodriguez  you happen to rock the selfies pretty hard yourself :)

    Thank you too +Celeste Odono  I'm glad you like it and I'm thankful for the time you take to look at my pictures :)

    Thanks +Heiko Mahr ^^

    +Steve Passlow From what I have read, red invokes quite the physiological response. Or it's just my voodoo powers lol

  4. Steve Passlow06-03-2013

    650nm never looked so good. I'm trying to find a reason why this isn't the best thing I've seen ever, but I just can't.

  5. Heiko Mahr06-03-2013

    Fabulous selfy!

  6. Celeste Odono06-03-2013

    Absolutely beautiful, Rachael.

  7. Mark Rodriguez06-03-2013

    Fantastic selfy

  8. Nicolette Whealy06-03-2013

    So pretty :-D love the red on you!

  9. Chris Bagley06-03-2013

    Very cool and creative +Rachael Alexandra!

  10. Fred Fernando06-03-2013

    Soo cool!!

  11. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Thank you +J. Rae Chip !! More to come too, with different colors :) Just a little series ^^

  12. J. Rae Chip06-03-2013

    This rocks.

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