• Floraicon


    The feeling of caressing a soft flower petal, watching dandelion seeds blow in the wind, the sweet harmony of the leaf and the sweet scent of the peony. All of these are gifts.


  • abstract, abstractions, soap, soap bubble


    adj. 1. Of or relating to hydrodynamics. 2. Of, relating to, or operated by the force of liquid in motion.


  • fall land landscapes color


    What wonders I witness. The Adirondack mountains around me, wise and lasting. The boreal forest green in it's temperate splendor. The sodden bogs and rivers wild. The weather, the land, the sea and the sky.


  • heart trinket, chime, bokeh


    All objects lose by too familiar a view. -John Dryden


  • Kbarn 0220

    Darkness Prevails

    A tapestry of breathtaking ancient lights awaits you. Art made from the interplay of light, darkness and ethereal form. The air is still and quiet until you hear some howling in the distance, the night is dark but it doesn't truly sleep.


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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno