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Silently screaming and feeling carnivorous.


Pitcher Plant – Sarracenia purpurea

  1. Mark O'Callaghan05-10-2012

    Love the colour and the spooky feel of this beautiful shot.

  2. Margaret Tompkins05-05-2012

    Gorgeous macro! I love the great texture!

  3. Wes Lum04-26-2012

    A little eerie and foreboding!

  4. Faisal Ahad04-24-2012

    Beautiful work +Rachael Alexandra :)

  5. Rachael Alexandra04-24-2012

    Thank you +Shane Williams *big hugs*

    +shane holsclaw Thank you and good ! I also felt it was a little spooky myself.

    +Darryl Smith Thank you ! They are very interesting plants, so many different types !

    +Wesley Yeoh Thank you :) That's totally stuck in my head now ^^

    +Allison Sekuler Thank you ! I bet it was fun hearing it live !

  6. Allison Sekuler04-24-2012

    Stunning! +Wesley Yeoh – we just heard the opening number from Little Shop at a concert yesterday, so this is really timely ;)

  7. Wesley Yeoh04-24-2012

    awesome shot!
    everytime I see carnivorous plants, I break out into songs from the Little Shop of Horros :D

  8. Darryl Smith04-24-2012

    I love pitcher plants. Awesome photo!

  9. shane holsclaw04-24-2012

    beautiful and spooky! very cool!

  10. Shane Williams04-24-2012

    Beautiful Rachael.

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