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Soft, like falling through a cloud

Falling into something soft and sweet and good.

Covered in fairy dust, sparkles and all things crystalline.
All that shimmers within my heart, and glitters within my soul.
Time moves so quickly, yet everything feels like slow motion.

I have seen such beauty,
I have visited that place.
If only for one day.
If only for one glorious hour.

When I close my eyes and it’s real,
When my lips curve into a smile,
That is when the bonds are broken.

Then what is trapped beneath,
Bubbles to the surface.

– R.A

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  1. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    This is actually on of my favorite images.The colors, the pallete have always felt very soothing to me. I'm glad you like it :) Thank you for actually noticing the poem, a lot of people don't read them but I like to throw them in there on occasion. If you look under the tag #soulexposed  Most of the post should be the pictures I've posted with my accompanying prose/poetry. That's what it is too, my soul exposed. These pictures, these words are the purest forms of my expression.

  2. Steve Passlow06-03-2013

    The intricate details in this are fantastic +Rachael Alexandra It really needs to be viewed at the largest size for full impact – and the words support it well. I especially love the tip of that fine little feather on its own, top right. To me the poem is a perfect blend of art and science, or fantasy and reality – my mind jumps back and forth between the two. Perhaps they are just the same thing anyway.

    It's great to see you support your own photo with your own poetry.

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno