Makes me want to be with you
Something painful’s with you dear
Makes me want to be with you”
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  1. looking for something for the robot speech to text to try
    Sun Jan 6, 2008 8:23 am  |

    About my fractal poetry form
    that came about from my symbolic Cantor
    research. The idea was that Haiku had more of a Cantor like structure
    but was too short for it to show up in the word frequence Zipf dimensional
    count. So I invented a longer Haiku form
    with the same threes structure( a three of threes).
    (Mathematics people seem variously offended
    that I like Lewis Carrol might stray into poety
    as well as music…)

    My tricoo ( fractal poetry form)
    actually sound better with the robot behind it than a AShakespeare sonnet?
    There are only like six or seven examples ( mostly by me ) of tricoo.
    One by a semi-famous New Zealand poet
    who does Haiku poetry.
    Patricia Prime's tricoo:

    mountains sprinkled with snowflakes
    a haze down in the valley
    ti-tree already in bloom

    friends meet in the hills
    the world at their feet
    only one way up

    long walk back to the city
    from stillness and peace
    to the noise and the bustle

    So here are the first last and only tricoo so far.

    Respectfully, Roger L. Bagula
    11759Waterhill Road, Lakeside,Ca 92040-2905,tel: 619-5610814
    alternative email:

    All mine :
    Tricoo: example poems
    Tricoo is three sets of Haiku poems in which sequences A, B, C and A,A, A all
    make poems: six poems in all. The idea came from a discussion with my nephew
    Mark Scott Bagula about a form of poetry he was developing and exposure to the
    works of Neca Stoller and Patricia Prime. I am not a good Haiku poet, so my
    examples are pretty lame, but the idea comes across anyway.
    By R. L. Bagula 11 June 1998 ©

    Coffee Shop Poets
    A. Dressed in black
    B. Staccato delivery
    C. Stereotypical revolt

    A. Comic book poets
    B. Extroverted snobbism
    C. On stage readings

    A. Bongo beating bozos
    B. Subverted Frisco beats
    C. Coffee shop poets

    Living Nothingness
    A. The universe is a vast living machine.
    B. We humans are but subviruses living on universal flesh.
    C. Shortage of resources is a fatal antiserum.

    A. Evolving toward the big crunch,
    B. We are a fever in all our days.
    C. We use up all the good stuff!

    A. Is the universe a superintelligent being?
    B. Will we rest before the sun dies?
    C. And everything Shrinks to nothingness?

    ( Title in Zen negative )
    Ode To The Dead Race of Man
    (Tricoo in the Cantor form)
    by Roger L. Bagula 21 Feb. 2001©

    Sing a song in our name
    Blast it out loud and strong
    Of a people, now, of earth.

    (Zen negative triplet)

    We were not brave or strong
    None of us had wisdom or beauty
    Nor will our building or works be long remembered.

    Write the music well
    Make the words of heavy tongue
    These were men and women of wonder.

    ( They will be long gone.)

    Animal Forms ( Tricoo)
    by Roger L. Bagula 30 Jan 2000©

    Should salamander rule?
    Don’t be a fool!
    He’ll eat us alive!

    Is frog his friend?
    His lily pad is so cool!
    He only eats fly!

    Does pig takes sides?
    Lights and siren in a still pool?
    He flushes down life!

    Beastly Beauty ( Tricoo)
    by Roger L. Bagula 31 Jan 2000©

    My heart is a beast
    My mate is met
    But never mine

    My life is a dog
    Unwanted in purgatory
    But ranges free

    My fate is a frog
    Princely unkissed
    But my soul’s a beauty!

    Song of War Heroes
    or (Zen negative) Coward’s Lament
    (Tricoo in a Cantor Form)
    by Roger L. Bagula 21 Feb. 2001©

    Proud words and shouts of glory
    That hit our souls deep
    And sting like poisoned arrows.

    Never remember that day
    Or talk of those dread actions
    Stop your ears from phrases remembering heroes.

    Conquerors of all the land
    They left their blood low on the earth
    That we might be forever free.

    ( these are more examples of content than
    the haiku like structure of Tricoo).

    The Frog and His Bird (Tricoo)
    by Roger L. Bagula 30 July 2001©

    Damp frog on moss covered rock
    Floating lily pond
    Living with the loneliness

    On his long legs standing there
    The crane appears wise
    His fast strike impales the frog

    For tomorrow after work
    Mocking bird does frog
    I am a homing pigeon

    1. I’m interested in knowing how my essays on fractal poetry
      got published here
      without I think my permission.
      I’m actually grateful they are still on the web.
      Roger Bagula

      1. The posts on this blog are actually Google plus posts. I have a plug-in for WordPress that takes those posts and imports them to here. What you’re reading is your own comment from 2013. I can delete it if you wish.

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