IMG 3229

Just One Sunbeam


Sweet fragility, not to be plucked from the earth and not to be trampled under foot. Pristine and pure, shrouded in the shadow of the forest. As just one sunbeam makes it’s way through the canopy of leaves, your thirst is quenched.

  1. Rachael Alexandra09-24-2012

    Thank you so much +Mike Spinak  :)

    +Mahesh Aditya  Thank you !

    +Greg Berdan  I'm glad you like it. There is something particularly graceful and mysterious about these delicate beauties. 

  2. Greg Berdan09-14-2012

    Lovely. Trillium is probably my favorite flower.

  3. Mahesh Aditya09-13-2012

    looking nice…

  4. Mike Spinak09-13-2012

    This is stunning, +Rachael Alexandra.

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno