Newlens 025



About this image: This is soap bubble interference ( all the pretty swirlies on bubbles) . I’ve done a couple more sets after this one but I don’t think any since turned out nearly as nicely as this one did.

  1. Rachael Alexandra07-04-2012

    Ohh these are interesting! +Alex Lapidus  I had to look up that reference but I can totally see it too :D

    +Deryk Robosson  I'm pretty sure I can see yours too,this is great ! Thanks ! Makes me happy to read these ^^

    Such a complex interpretation +Chris Mallory  I'm glad you like it ..I can see all of those references too !

  2. Chris Mallory07-04-2012

    I see The Scream meets Starry Night meets Hokusai … is there any room in that institution for me as well Alex? I rather like this Rach :)

  3. Deryk Robosson07-03-2012

    I see someone sitting in a chair putting on their shoes.

  4. Alex Lapidus07-03-2012

    I see an eye and a nose that remind me of Opus the penguin from Bloom County, but you can probably get me committed to an institution on that basis alone :-)

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