The antidote to all those sharp cold edges..

The antidote to all those sharp cold edges..
  1. John De Bord12-12-2013

    +Rachael Alexandra I think it's neat enough, neat enough to make me absolutely fall in love with it.

  2. thomas dobias12-12-2013

    a peaceful state of mind

  3. Rachael Alexandra12-12-2013

    I thought it was neat too, not neat enough +John De Bord I suppose but thank you :)

  4. Angie Deacy12-12-2013

    sweet dreams

  5. John De Bord12-12-2013

    I like this, a lot. It has a killer abstract quality about it that simply scream softness

  6. Angie Deacy12-12-2013


  7. Angie Deacy12-12-2013


  8. thomas dobias12-12-2013

    good photo  rachael   alexan

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno