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Crazy Storm


This was a crazy storm ! I haven’t had this kind of luck yet this year ,but last summer I was in the thick of it. I must have got hmm maybe 4 decent shots ( by decent, I mean an actual good amount of lightning in the frame) lol  The lightning was everywhere, and I was kinda freakin’ out.I have power lines to deal with since this is right in front of my house, I would clone them out but it would be incredibly tedious to make it a convincing job, my patience would become very tested. So here it is, lines and all :)  I didn’t do much to this one, I played around with different ways of processing on a couple of the others though..What really gets though is that what I saw was the main bolts and a huge flash, when you take a look at it afterward,you can see many of the intricacies of it structure it’s actually kinda freaky knowing it branched out further that I could comprehend. Truly a moment frozen in time.

  1. Allan Colton06-15-2012

    Amazing exposure!! Allan

  2. Denis Glozman06-10-2012

    Terrific shot!

  3. Chris Mallory06-10-2012

    Excellent, excellent. I think personally the power lines give the image some added depth, doesn't distract at all. And that's a lovely shade of purple sky.

  4. Chris Ridgway06-10-2012


  5. Craig Szymanski06-10-2012

    Nice! I like the power lines! Makes it a little scarier.

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