Took this a couple months ago for SelfySunday….

It was technically a better picture than the one I used but that one was more fun and this one is a bit more thoughtful.
  1. Rachael Alexandra02-14-2014

    +Shawn McClure  Good thing too lol, because there's a lot more where that came from * rubs hand together mischievously * :p 

  2. Shawn McClure02-14-2014

    +Rachael Alexandra – Definitely not. ;)

  3. Rachael Alexandra02-14-2014

    +Elizabeth Lund  aww , thank you! :)

    +James Haney  Oh I am, you have no idea lol

    +Shawn McClure  Thanks Shawn, not tired of my face yet ? lol :)

    +William Mazdra  Thank you William :D

    +Isabelle Fortin As are you, thank you :)

  4. Isabelle Fortin02-13-2014

    gorgeous xo

  5. William Mazdra02-12-2014

    A Stellar Selfie :-)

  6. Shawn McClure02-12-2014

    Lovely portrait…

  7. James Haney02-12-2014

    Lookin' ready to throw down–artistically-speaking, that is!

  8. Elizabeth Lund02-12-2014

    Be still my beating heart :P

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