Wee Fishy

I had a tree limb fall on my trunk/deck lid. The auto body shop had this gorgeous huge aquarium facing a window. Not the easiest thing to take a picture of but I had to give it a shot ;)
  1. Ronak Patel09-06-2013

    Reality's over rated, create your own +Rachael Alexandra  :-)

  2. Rachael Alexandra09-03-2013

    +Ronak Patel  The window crayon was non toxic at least :) Just kind of hard to deposit the color because… I'm not made of glass lol The black didn't go on easily.

    I agree, I would love to too, but you end up using things up and if you can't spare any change, it takes awhile to replace them/ get different things. Damn reality restricting my creative genius ;)

  3. Ronak Patel09-03-2013

    Lol +Rachael Alexandra , that is quiet dangerous! but anything for sake of art is fine by me ;p   u make it sound easy but that was very creative if it wasnt just good old body paint! u should do more of those crafty things…

  4. Rachael Alexandra09-03-2013

    lol I wish it was body paint +Ronak Patel  I use whatever I can , usually window crayon and wet eyeshadow or even old acrylic I have around lol

  5. Ronak Patel08-21-2013

    well you did it! and this little fishy reminds me of your body paint profile pic u used to have!

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