I wonder, if I created a podcast, would anyone be interested/listen to it? It was…



I wonder, if I created a podcast, would anyone be interested/listen to it? It was suggested to me, to tell my “story” . According to the person who suggested it, they thought people might relate. Just throwing the idea out there.
  1. Kevin Larson01-31-2015

    Can't wait : )

  2. Rachael Alexandra01-30-2015

    +Kevin Larson it's not toooo bad. I'm better with it than recording video myself which has happened too ( ) but that took weeks and editing and all that. I greatly prefer to speak without the whole video business going on at the same time. Preferably looking as frumpy as possible lol More comfortable hopefully leads to consistency :D

  3. Kevin Larson01-30-2015

    Ha! +Rachael Alexandra​, I bet if you give it a chance and let us listen to a sample on say, SoundCloud, it might not sound so bad?

  4. Rachael Alexandra01-30-2015

    I've done my "outline" and a bit of research now it's just finding the free/quiet time and courage. Listening to yourself recorded megacringe lol

  5. Stormy Henderson01-29-2015

    I would listen.

  6. James Haney01-28-2015

    After your being on +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW)  (dearly missed: Hi, +Tibby !) so many times, I think you could do such a thang! Onward!

  7. Natosha Davis01-28-2015

    I would be curious to hear it.

  8. Rachael Alexandra01-28-2015

    Indeed Kay :)

    +Kevin Larson very few people have lol thank you for the encouraging comment :)

  9. Kevin Larson01-28-2015

    I haven't heard your story but I would be willing to try it?

  10. Kay Hynes01-28-2015

    Podcasts are awesome :)

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