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  1. +Nick Scholl  I do have that feature on my camera :)

    +Ian Meredith  I'd like to get this printed to really see how it looks. the 7d has a small sensor packed with pixels or little sensory things. I don't know the mechanics of it though :- 

    +Peter Slapansky I know all about the stacking, I have a few stacked images already but it's not something I want to be arsed to do. I already don't care for editing much as it is. THOUGH I'm getting the impression I might be being a little harder on myself than I need to be. Thanks though Peter, I'm glad you didn't say "ew " I would have had hurt feelings ;)

  2. The noise isn't particularly disruptive, given that the noise colours are fairly close to those in the image. You might want to try stacking multiple images with the same parameters taken one after another. The image might not be particularly sharp afterwards, but there's going to be a lot less noise too.

    The photo looks quite nice as it is, though.

  3. Some say 'noise' – I like to think 'grain'. Printed on a wall – anyone who is muttering of noise needs to stand back a bit!

    One of things that still puts me off dropping from full frame to a MFT Olympus is the low light noise issue of smaller sensors  and the MFT is tiny! That said it allegedly has a better dynamic range than the 5DII

  4. A lot of that noise is gamma radiation, which bungles things up in long exposures. It's the same thing that makes stars twinkle. Does your camera have automatic sensor cleaning?

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